Early_Release_From_Federal_PrisonAnyone who has a family member serving time in federal prison is interested in looking into ways of helping that individual secure an early release from federal prison.  National Legal Professional Associates (NLPA) has for the past twenty-six years assisted defendants and their family members in accomplishing this objective. A defendant can secure an early release from federal prison in many different ways:

(1)       He can file an appeal in which he pursues a reduction of his sentence or overturning his conviction;

(2)     He can pursue a post-conviction motion in which he raises issues such as new evidence and ineffective assistance of counsel in order to secure an early release from federal prison;

(3)       He can file a petition for clemency or for compassionate release as a way of receiving an early release from federal prison citing family member circumstances and other mitigating factors that could serve as a basis of reducing his time in prison;

(4)       If the defendant is eligible for consideration for parole, he can file a petition with the United States Parole Commission requesting early release from federal prison on parole.

National Legal Professional Associates can assist a defendant and his attorney in the preparation of all of the above.  If a defendant needs a new lawyer to represent him and to file the petitions that National Legal Professional Associates’ researchers will prepare, NLPA can also provide references for attorneys who will be happy to represent a defendant at a reduced price since NLPA’s researchers are preparing the petition to be filed.

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