Do You Need Help to Obtain a Prison Sentence Reduction?

Do You Need Help to Obtain a Prison Sentence Reduction?

prison.sentence.reductionWorking Tirelessly With Your Attorney, NLPA Can Help You Obtain a Prison Sentence Reduction.

Post-Conviction Motions are key areas to present new information or information that could not be presented on appeal. It is important to make sure to identify each of the potential issues which requires a significant amount of time and experience which can make or break your attempt to receive a prison sentence reduction. NLPA can assist in pursuing a prison sentence reduction in both state and federal cases. NLPA’s researchers will work through your case with a fine-toothed comb to make certain that you have the best shot in pursuing your reduction of sentence.

Our researchers work tirelessly for your counsel to present all of the issues in requesting a reduction in your sentence. State and Federal post-conviction motions vary in deadlines and NLPA is well-versed in all jurisdictions. No matter where your case is, we can help you and your counsel in pursuing reduction of sentence in your case.

Our post-conviction service includes not only the drafting of a thoroughly-researched opening motion, but also the preparation of any reply to the government’s response as well as objections to reports and recommendation and, if necessary preparation for evidentiary hearings.

NLPA offers affordable legal help as well as a number of different financing options and payment plans. NLPA has an extensive background in pursuing post-conviction sentence reductions.  For additional information about cases NLPA has assisted counsel with prison sentence reductions, contact us today.

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