Legal Services – NLPA’S Criminal Defense Subscription Plan

Legal Services – NLPA’S Criminal Defense Subscription Plan

Scales of justice and gavel.Information you can use to help your loved one in their fight for justice.  Legal Services provided by NLPA.

Do you often times wish that you could obtain information that could assist you in knowing what needs to be done to help your loved one to fight for justice, but cannot afford to hire a high priced attorney to provide legal services to give you the information or the help you need? The NLPA Criminal Defense Subscription Plan services is the answer.

By subscribing to the NLPA Information Subscription Service you can obtain information about all types of topics that can be provided to you in order to obtain information in an affordable way that will help you deal with issues being faced by your loved one.

In putting this information together, NLPA has relied upon some of the best legal minds in the business. We believe it should be easy for anyone to obtain information necessary to help a loved one who is facing criminal charges or serving his sentence.

Our goal is to help everyone get the legal services and information that they need and are entitled to so that they will have a better understanding of how to deal with their attorney or the Department of Corrections on these matters.

Topics which are currently available is set forth below.

● Pretrial Information

● Plea Negotiations

● Preliminary Sentencing

● Appeals

Post-Conviction Relief

● Halfway House

● Work Release

● Parole

● Institutional Transfer

● How to survive Jail

● Medical Issues

● Deportation/Immigration

● Getting Married/Funeral

● §1983 Lawsuit

● Expungement of Priors

● Clemency/Pardon

If you are interested in subscribing to any of the topics on the list above, or to obtain information about the various legal services provided, contact NLPA today.  NLPA can assist your counsel with matters ranging from Pretrial Assistance, Sentencing Assistance, Appeals, Post Conviction Motions, Immigration Matters along with various other services.

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