NLPA Case Evaluations and Case Study Research Services

NLPA Case Evaluations and Case Study Research Services

Case_Study_ResearchHave you been convicted of a crime you did not commit or are you considering having case study research completed in an attempt to seek further relief in your case?

 If you have ever been convicted of criminal charges and/or imprisoned, the entire process can be overwhelming on you and your loved ones. There may be a lot of confusion your case, how the legal system works, the penalties involved, or you may be wondering what you can do with your case at this point. Hiring a criminal defense team who has the confidence and experience to aggressively represent your interests is essential to your case. At National Legal Professional Associates, we have the experience and dedication necessary to bring your case to a successful conclusion. 

NLPA can assist in the preparation of a case evaluation that will outline for you, your attorney, and your family potential issues that we believe could be raised in a post-conviction motion to assist you in pursuing post-conviction relief. The case evaluation will include personalized case study research concerning the issues that apply as well as a factual statement of your case, a review of the sentencing guidelines, a summary of procedural sentencing defects, possible ineffective assistance of counsel, and a complete review of the entire transcript of the legal proceedings in your case. The case evaluation would address not only court action available in attempting to reduce the sentence you received or overturning your conviction but, it would also address potential alternative remedies that may be available to you such as Expunging, Sealing or Overturning prior convictions, Pardon or Clemency applications, and New Rules of Evidence that may be available for out of time situations.

If you are interested in learning more about Case Evaluations and case study research, contact NLPA today!

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