legal_adviceMany individuals who have contact with the justice system have the need for legal advice from a top-rated lawyer.

Legal advice can only be provided by a licensed attorney. If an individual who is not a licensed attorney provides legal advise to an individual that providing of legal advice could be considered to be the unauthorized practice of law. therefore, when you need assistance with matters relating to criminal defense, sentencing, appeals, post-conviction motions, or immigration matters, it is critical that you contact an attorney licensed in the appropriate jurisdiction to provide this legal advice. NLPA works with attorneys throughout the United States to provide to them legal advice and research which they can then utilize in the representation of their client. If you need assistance in obtaining legal advice and want to be referred to a lawyer who can assist you in this way, please contact NLPA. We can refer you to a licensed lawyer who will be happy to receive NLPA’s research assistance.

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