Family Assistance Division – NLPA

Family Assistance Division – NLPA

Family_ReleaseNational Legal Professional Associates Announces Formation of Family Assistance Division

National Legal Professional Associates (NLPA), known for the past 25 years for its reputation for assisting defendants and their attorneys in pursuing criminal defense and post-conviction relief, today, announced in conjunction with its new partner, Sterling Financial Group, the formation of the NLPA Family Assistance Division. This non-profit organization has been founded for the purpose of empowering families following the tragedy of having a loved one become incarcerated. It takes a unique approach to helping the 2.2 million affected United States families by coordinating and mobilizing resources to assist with obtaining legal representation for an incarcerated family member, facilitating visitation transportation of the defendant by family members and helping the affected family with humanitarian support and counseling. These levels of assistance are provided at no cost to qualifying defendants and their family members. Application assistance from the NLPA Family Assistance Division can be made online at


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