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Securing Great Prison Medical Care Through The Proper Motions

nlpa blog 11 4-07-15While there is medical care in prison that all prisoners can receive, this care is not always adequate for people with certain kind of ailments. When someone is sick, time is really of the essence and it is important that they receive the treatment that they really deserve to receive as a human being. This can be challenging in a prison system since resources are not as readily available.

It is a good idea for those with special medical problems to find help getting the right medical care that they need. Prison medical care for these patients may not be enough so they may need to have a brief furlough where they can be treated properly by specialists. Knowing what motions to put forward when a friend or family member is facing sickness while in prison can help them to get the care they need quickly.

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Seeking Information About Prison Medical Care

nlpa blog 9 2-05-15Being in jail is a terrible thing already, but being in jail when you are sick and not being able to get the right care is a lot worse. Although prisoners are provided with medical care that meets basic needs, many prisoners might need more specialized care. In these cases, there are legal motions that can be made to help prisoners receive the medical attention they want.

The process of requesting medical furloughs or medical relief in prison is not a simple one. It is important that you get all of the correct information so that you can be sure that you are qualified before you start trying to file paperwork. Learning about the different options for prison medical care and how all of the paperwork is to be filled out can give you the best chance of obtaining the care that is needed.

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Learning More About Prison Medical Care

nlpa blog 8 12-08-14Life in prison isn’t something that is talked about much on the outside of a prison. Most people who have spent time in prison might not talk too much about it or explain certain parts of their time there. This can be intimidating for those who are going into prison because they don’t know much about what they can expect from prison life.

Some people going into prison might be worried about medical care in prison since they might have a chronic condition that requires care. It might be good to look up some information about prison medical care or try to obtain information about it from reliable sources. You have the right to have medical care when you are in prison that will keep you healthy.

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Understanding How to Obtain Proper Prison Medical Care

nlpa blog 7 10-08-14In many situations, people do not feel that their loved ones are receiving the right amount of medical care when they are in prison. The trouble with the medical system inside of prisons is that prisoners are only required to be given “adequate” medical care. This means that they are unlikely to receive anything that is above and beyond what is necessary for their care.

In some cases this makes it so that prisoners don’t necessarily get to see the doctors they might need to see or get treatments that might help them, but aren’t available in prison. To try to help navigate the prison medical care system it helps to get more information. You can get information on legal avenues available to help get a loved one the medical attention they deserve.

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Expunging Convictions Helps You Get Life Back on Track

nlpa blog 11 9-09-14Everyone knows that people make mistakes. Some people make worse mistakes than others, but we are all human. What is difficult for those who commit crimes is that their past mistakes often continue to affect their lives long after they have served a prison sentence and emerged as rehabilitated individuals. It can cause them all kinds of different problems.

Having a criminal record can make it so that you are ineligible for many good jobs and cannot rent a unit in certain apartment buildings. The only way to make it so that you don’t have to inform people of your criminal convictions is to have them expunged. The process of expunging convictions leaves you with a clean record and a real chance at a new life.

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Getting Extra Information About Obtaining Proper Prison Medical Care

nlpa blog 9 7-10-14When a person is sent to jail, they still have the legal right to obtain medical attention if they become injured or have a serious illness. It can be difficult for prisoners to navigate the legal system to ensure that they get the treatment that they need when they need it. Obtaining treatment for long term illnesses often means seeking legal avenues to ensure the best treatment.

Information about prison medical care and how to obtain the care that you need can be difficult to come by. You will need to learn how to obtain proper medical attention, which might include putting in motions for medical assistance and even requesting a medical furlough in some cases. Legal services can help you learn how to obtain the health care that you need.

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Don’t Attempt Brief Writing By Yourself

NLPA blog 2 6-23-14When my uncle was young, he was arrested for trespassing on government property because he was found walking on railroad tracks. My uncle was facing federal charges, but didn’t think it would be too difficult to navigate the system by himself. He nearly lost his case because he started out without a lawyer and without any kind of experience in the legal system.

Many people facing criminal charges feel that they can avoid spending too much money by defending themselves. Even in the least complicated cases, it is important that you have professionals on your side. Attempting to defend yourself or trying your own hand at brief writing could mean that you end up with a conviction that would otherwise have gone away.

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Family Assistance Division – NLPA

Family_ReleaseNational Legal Professional Associates Announces Formation of Family Assistance Division

National Legal Professional Associates (NLPA), known for the past 25 years for its reputation for assisting defendants and their attorneys in pursuing criminal defense and post-conviction relief, today, announced in conjunction with its new partner, Sterling Financial Group, the formation of the NLPA Family Assistance Division. This non-profit organization has been founded for the purpose of empowering families following the tragedy of having a loved one become incarcerated. It takes a unique approach to helping the 2.2 million affected United States families by coordinating and mobilizing resources to assist with obtaining legal representation for an incarcerated family member, facilitating visitation transportation of the defendant by family members and helping the affected family with humanitarian support and counseling. These levels of assistance are provided at no cost to qualifying defendants and their family members. Application assistance from the NLPA Family Assistance Division can be made online at


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Legal Services – NLPA’S Criminal Defense Subscription Plan

Scales of justice and gavel.Information you can use to help your loved one in their fight for justice.  Legal Services provided by NLPA.

Do you often times wish that you could obtain information that could assist you in knowing what needs to be done to help your loved one to fight for justice, but cannot afford to hire a high priced attorney to provide legal services to give you the information or the help you need? The NLPA Criminal Defense Subscription Plan services is the answer.

By subscribing to the NLPA Information Subscription Service you can obtain information about all types of topics that can be provided to you in order to obtain information in an affordable way that will help you deal with issues being faced by your loved one.

In putting this information together, NLPA has relied upon some of the best legal minds in the business. We believe it should be easy for anyone to obtain information necessary to help a loved one who is facing criminal charges or serving his sentence.

Our goal is to help everyone get the legal services and information that they need and are entitled to so that they will have a better understanding of how to deal with their attorney or the Department of Corrections on these matters.

Topics which are currently available is set forth below.

● Pretrial Information

● Plea Negotiations

● Preliminary Sentencing

● Appeals

Post-Conviction Relief

● Halfway House

● Work Release

● Parole

● Institutional Transfer

● How to survive Jail

● Medical Issues

● Deportation/Immigration

● Getting Married/Funeral

● §1983 Lawsuit

● Expungement of Priors

● Clemency/Pardon

If you are interested in subscribing to any of the topics on the list above, or to obtain information about the various legal services provided, contact NLPA today.  NLPA can assist your counsel with matters ranging from Pretrial Assistance, Sentencing Assistance, Appeals, Post Conviction Motions, Immigration Matters along with various other services.

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Prison Medical Care Assistance

Prison_MedicalDo You Have A Loved One Who is Incarcerated In The Bureau of Prisons And In Need of Prison Medical Care? 

If you are suffering from a serious medical problem and if the Bureau of Prisons is neglecting to provide you with the medical care which you so desperately need, NLPA can assist your attorney in pursuing a court order that the Bureau of Prisons provide the proper medical care or a medical furlough so you can receive private medical treatment “on the street” from your own physician.

There are two ways in which a federal prison inmate can obtain medical treatment:

Administrative Application For Medical Furlough – Pursuant to Bureau of Prisons Program Statement 5280.4, the Attorney General of the United States has delegated the authority to grant furloughs under Title 18 United States Code Section 4082(c) to the Director, Bureau of Prisons (28CFR0.96)d. Title 18 USC 4082 applies to inmates whose offenses occurred before November 1, 1987. For inmates whose offenses occurred on or after November 1, 1987 the statutory authority for furloughs is found in Title 18 USC Section 3662 of the Comprehensive Crime Control Act. The authority to approve furloughs in the Bureau of Prisons institutions is delegated to the Warden or the Acting Warden. Pursuant to BOP Program Statement 5280.4 the Warden may approve a furlough for purposes of obtaining necessary medical, surgical, psychiatric or dental treatment not otherwise available.

 Court Ordered Medical Treatment –

 (a) Court Ordered Medical Treatment – if the BOP either fails or refuses efforts administratively to receive proper medical care, the next step is to have counsel file a motion in court asking the court to order the prison to provide you with proper medical care.

 (b) Motion for Medical Furlough – If the prison fails to comply with the court’s order to provide you with medical care, it is possible to obtain a medical furlough as the result of the order of a federal court. This usually must be done, after an inmate has exhausted his administrative remedies and the Bureau of Prisons has decided to deny a furlough. However, in the case of a life threatening condition, it is possible to ask the court to allow you to bypass the administrative remedy process.

If you would like to know more about Prison Medical Care and how NLPA may be able to assist your attorney with your case, contact our office today.

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