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The Appeals Court is Built as a Safety Net to Prevent Wrongful Convictions

nlpa blog 9 9-09-14In the United States, those who are convicted of a crime are allowed one appeal. Part of the reason for guaranteeing an appeal is so that people who feel that they were convicted for a crime they did not commit can have a second shot at proving their innocence. A case in the court of appeals is focused mainly on presenting new evidence and pointing out flaws in the previous case.

The hope is that there will be fewer wrongful convictions because those who have been convicted but should not have been will be able to prove their innocence with more time to gather evidence and present it to a new judge. This also makes it less likely that a person is convicted based on a personal bias one judge has. The idea of the appeals court is to make the system more just.

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Parole is Just One Way to Get Early Release from Federal Prison

nlpa blog 2 9-09-14Once you are sentenced to time in federal prison, you won’t necessarily have to serve all of the time that you have been sentenced to inside of an actual prison. In many situations, a prisoner can be granted parole which will allow them to leave the prison and live life in the normal world. There are conditions of parole that these people must follow even when they’re out.

Parole is a good way to obtain an early release from federal prison. In the federal court system you are able to apply for parole after you have served one third of the time that you were sentenced to. Requests for parole are considered based on details of the initial crime and behavior while inside of prison as well. If parole is denied, you can reapply after a set amount of time.

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Expunging Convictions Can Help Give You a Life After Prison

nlpa blog 4 8-12-14When people come out of prison, it can be very difficult for them to stay away from a life of crime again. This is partly due to old habits and old friendships, but also partly because survival outside of prison with a criminal record can be challenging. Many jobs won’t hire people who have been convicted of a crime and some landlords won’t rent to these people either.

When a person is released from prison after serving their sentence, one of the best ways they can give themselves a new chance at life is to get away from where they used to live and the people they used to spend time with. Expunging convictions so that they don’t show up on background checks can help you obtain a job more easily. These steps can make the difference and lead a person off the path of crime.

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How Do Wrongful Convictions Occur in the United States Legal System?

nlpa blog 12 7-10-14Even with all of the steps put in place in the United States legal system to ensure the guilty are punished and the innocent are set free, there are sometimes cases where the wrong person ends up going to prison. Of course, no system can be completely without its flaws, but it is still shocking to discover that the wrong person sometimes is punished. There are several ways this happens.

Sometimes wrongful convictions occur because eyewitnesses misidentify the suspect as the person that they saw at the scene of a crime. It is possible for people to look similar and be wrongly convicted as a result. In other cases, lawyers do not provide the defense needed to their clients and these people end up convicted as a result. Attorneys may be overburdened with cases and fail to represent clients well.

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Post Conviction Specialists Can Help You Find the Information You Need

nlpa blog 7 7-10-14After you have been convicted of the crime, you have a legal right to appeal the case and bring it back into the court system. Of course, the appeal won’t do you any good if you just go into the court room with the same information that you had in the initial case. You need to have new information for your attorney to present at an appeal so that you have a fighting chance.

Hiring post conviction specialists to research your case can help you gather the information needed for an appeal. Your attorney can work with these specialists to help you come up with a plan for what to do after your conviction to either prove your innocence or get a reduced sentence. It is of the utmost importance that you have more assistance in this next stage of your case.

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Expunging Convictions Can Give You a Real Chance After Completion of Your Sentence

NLPA blog 8 6-23-14In many cases, after a person is released from jail they have difficulty getting back into the real world. Despite any experiences that they may have had in prison, it can be very difficult to get a job or even rent an apartment when you already have a criminal record. Most jobs will ask if you have a criminal record and avoid hiring those who have been convicted of a crime.

One way to make sure that you get a real chance when you complete your sentence is to motion for expunging convictions. This will erase your convictions from your record completely. In most states, once convictions have been expunged, you are allowed to tell employers and renters that you have never been convicted of a crime. This means that you’ll get a real chance of getting back to your life.

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Do You Need Help to Obtain a Prison Sentence Reduction?

prison.sentence.reductionWorking Tirelessly With Your Attorney, NLPA Can Help You Obtain a Prison Sentence Reduction.

Post-Conviction Motions are key areas to present new information or information that could not be presented on appeal. It is important to make sure to identify each of the potential issues which requires a significant amount of time and experience which can make or break your attempt to receive a prison sentence reduction. NLPA can assist in pursuing a prison sentence reduction in both state and federal cases. NLPA’s researchers will work through your case with a fine-toothed comb to make certain that you have the best shot in pursuing your reduction of sentence.

Our researchers work tirelessly for your counsel to present all of the issues in requesting a reduction in your sentence. State and Federal post-conviction motions vary in deadlines and NLPA is well-versed in all jurisdictions. No matter where your case is, we can help you and your counsel in pursuing reduction of sentence in your case.

Our post-conviction service includes not only the drafting of a thoroughly-researched opening motion, but also the preparation of any reply to the government’s response as well as objections to reports and recommendation and, if necessary preparation for evidentiary hearings.

NLPA offers affordable legal help as well as a number of different financing options and payment plans. NLPA has an extensive background in pursuing post-conviction sentence reductions.  For additional information about cases NLPA has assisted counsel with prison sentence reductions, contact us today.

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Legal Services – NLPA’S Criminal Defense Subscription Plan

Scales of justice and gavel.Information you can use to help your loved one in their fight for justice.  Legal Services provided by NLPA.

Do you often times wish that you could obtain information that could assist you in knowing what needs to be done to help your loved one to fight for justice, but cannot afford to hire a high priced attorney to provide legal services to give you the information or the help you need? The NLPA Criminal Defense Subscription Plan services is the answer.

By subscribing to the NLPA Information Subscription Service you can obtain information about all types of topics that can be provided to you in order to obtain information in an affordable way that will help you deal with issues being faced by your loved one.

In putting this information together, NLPA has relied upon some of the best legal minds in the business. We believe it should be easy for anyone to obtain information necessary to help a loved one who is facing criminal charges or serving his sentence.

Our goal is to help everyone get the legal services and information that they need and are entitled to so that they will have a better understanding of how to deal with their attorney or the Department of Corrections on these matters.

Topics which are currently available is set forth below.

● Pretrial Information

● Plea Negotiations

● Preliminary Sentencing

● Appeals

Post-Conviction Relief

● Halfway House

● Work Release

● Parole

● Institutional Transfer

● How to survive Jail

● Medical Issues

● Deportation/Immigration

● Getting Married/Funeral

● §1983 Lawsuit

● Expungement of Priors

● Clemency/Pardon

If you are interested in subscribing to any of the topics on the list above, or to obtain information about the various legal services provided, contact NLPA today.  NLPA can assist your counsel with matters ranging from Pretrial Assistance, Sentencing Assistance, Appeals, Post Conviction Motions, Immigration Matters along with various other services.

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Understanding Wrongful Convictions

wrongful.convictionAre You the Victim of Wrongful Convictions?

It is said that when you are wrongfully convicted, you carry on your shoulder one of the greatest burdens in life – paying for a crime or wrongdoing committed by others.  Let us take for example the case of Chedrick Britt of Florida, Case number 02-CF-15542 (13th Cir. 2002).

Chedrick Britt was charged with three sexual offenses by the Grand Jury in Hillsborough County, Florida in 2002. In May of 2004, Mr. Britt proceeded to a Jury Trial in the Thirteenth Judicial Circuit Court and sentenced to a term of 30 years. During trial, testimony was presented that a rape kit was prepared by law enforcement officials which examined several key elements, however, the evidence was not tested for DNA.

NLPA was hired to assist Mr. Britt’s attorney, Charles A. Murray, Esq., to request the State of Florida test the rape kit for DNA evidence. Accordingly, NLPA aided Mr. Murray in the preparation of a post-conviction motion for DNA testing pursuant to Florida Rule of Criminal Procedure 3.853. The post-conviction motion was granted and the rape kit was tested for DNA. The results of the testing called into question the propriety of Mr. Britt’s convictions, which resulted in the courts vacating his conviction and sentences in 2013 and order that a new trial be set should the government wish to continue with the prosecution of Mr. Britt’s case.

Critical to the success of the request for DNA testing was to demonstrate that testing would likely uncover evidence that Mr. Britt did not commit the crimes at hand and he had received wrongful convictions.

Wrongful convictions can be intricate and controversial in nature. The bottom line is that just because an individual is convicted does not mean that the individual was properly convicted and that all attempts to obtain justice must cease. Wrongful convictions are harmful and burdensome. They put a burden on innocent people who have been accused and do an injustice to the victim and society as a whole because the real perpetrator of the crime remains free to commit other crimes.

NLPA has been at the forefront of attacking unjust convictions. Should you find the victim of a wrongful conviction on in a similar situation as Mr. Britt, NLPA stands ready to assist you and your counsel in the research and preparation of any motions and/or research necessary to assist you in the vigorous defense of your case. For more information about wrongful convictions, contact NLPA today.

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Post Conviction Relief Assistance

gavelHave you been convicted of a crime?  Are you in need of Post Conviction Relief Assistance?

Oftentimes when an appeal is denied, defendants and attorneys feel that there are no other options available to help a defendant. This is not the case. Post-Conviction Motions enable a defendant to raise new issues not raised in the appeal such as Ineffective Assistance of Counsel and Newly Discovered Evidence. Post-Conviction Relief Motions are critical avenues to present new information or information that was not able to be presented on appeal. Researching a case to identify each of these potential issues requires a significant amount of time and experience and can make or break your attempt to receive relief in your case.

Many times post-conviction motions have specific filing deadlines. Deadlines for State and Federal post-conviction motions vary and NLPA is well-versed in all jurisdictions. If you’re not certain of the avenue to pursue in seeking post conviction relief, NLPA also offers case evaluation services through licensed counsel. A case evaluation is a detailed analysis will help to identify not only potential issues that may be available for use in a post-conviction relief motion but it can also outline any deadlines that may exist and the recommended avenue of relief in each case.  NLPA can prepare this case evaluation for counsel licensed in your jurisdiction to receive and review with you.

NLPA’s researchers work through each case with a “fine-toothed comb” to review every possible avenue for counsel that can be used in pursuing relief in the case.

Our researchers can assist counsel in preparing a thoroughly researched motion to pursue relief in your case. Our post conviction relief service includes not only the preparation of the opening motion for counsel, but also preparing any replies to the government’s opposition as well as objections to reports and recommendation and, if necessary assisting counsel to prepare for evidentiary hearings.

If you are in need of assistance, contact us today for more information.

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