Brief Writing – Appeal Preparation

Brief Writing – Appeal Preparation

legalbriefIf you’re not sure how to appeal your case, we can help!  NLPA provides top-notch appeal research for counsel to file with the appropriate court of appeals. NLPA offers assistance in both state and federal court of appeals at any appellate stage. Whether you are on direct appeal or an appeal to the Supreme Court, we can help.

Our appeal brief writing service includes the preparation of a detailed opening brief as well as any responses to the government reply briefs. NLPA has assisted counsel in thousands of appeals over the past two decades. If you did not receive the outcome you were hoping for at your sentencing and if you want to know how to appeal, we are here to help. NLPA has an excellent background in helping counsel fight cases in the court of appeals.

NLPA is well-versed in the various levels of appeal in both the state and federal jurisdictions. No matter which court of appeals you are entering, we are provide a team effort to your arguments and make sure no stone is left unturned in defending your case.

NLPA offers a wide variety of payment options and finance plans. For additional information about our affordable legal help, contact us today.


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