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Quarterback Gets Caught!

A guest wears an anti-bullying button, which is the logo of the documentary film "Bully" at its Los Angeles premiere in HollywoodGrowing up as a kid in a neighborhood community was difficult at times, having a police officer, emergency medical technician, or fire fighter live on every other block. The saying goes in my home town, there was always someone on your block who was an emergency responder, may not be for the town we lived in but they call our town home. I wasn’t really a bad kid growing up, yes I had my fair share of being tormented in high school as well as being thwarted by upper class men, but I didn’t let it get to me. On the week of graduation I was walking in the senior building to get to my locker when I saw the lead quarterback sell marijuana to another student.  The quarter back knew my father was local police officer for the town we lived in. c539c9653a8c8504280f6a706700c1f9

With the situation which just escalated rapidly, he picked me up by my shirt, held me up against the lockers about one foot off the ground and said, “if you say anything to anyone, I will kill you.” Unknown to him the vice principal had just walked into the senior hall as everything was transpiring. I reacted. I grabbed his wrist, placed him in a suppression hold known as a goose neck and in doing so broke his playing wrist. Though in pain and with the vice principal now engaged in the event, the quarterback was screaming he was going to sue me because he could no longer peruse his dream in football. His family too me to court as I claimed self-defense and even the vice principal stated in his statement I was just defending myself from someone who was almost twice my size at the time.

The judge ruled in my favor and the quarterback was expelled from school and was force to be schooled elsewhere in a neighboring district. Later in life I ran into the once quarterback of my high school and he stopped me in the process and said he was sorry and now he has a landscaping business and is making more money than if he were to pursue his career in professional football. I stated to him, I appreciate the apology no matter how late, and I hope your wrist is okay. If it wasn’t for the vice principal and my family lawyer being able to conduct case study research about other similar cases in Washington State, I feel the out come would have, or could have been different.

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